Memory foam Mattress : Double Side Mattress Simon Memory Foam
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Double Side Mattress Simon Memory Foam

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Why change your mattress? It is recommended that a mattress be replaced before it has given indications of this. They are often easily recognized and the body is the first to know. Old and worn mattress can no longer withstand the weight as well and this leads to back pain and neck pain. Therefore, heavier people experience greater wear and are advised to frequently replace the mattress. More durable over time are those with pocket springs, latex or memory foam, which justifies their higher price.
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The benefits you receive are:
• anti-allergic;
• anti-mite;
• A product that is resistant to high loads;
• A product that is characterized by wonderful ventilation;
1. Material type jacquard - quilted fabric type jacquard - quilt with polyester wadding and foam 5 mm.
2. Memory foam - 2 cm
3. Vita-foam - 3 cm
4. Watts 900 g
5. latex felt
6. A spring type "Bonnell"
7. Wood grill made of softwood - 5 cm

Total height of the mattress - 25 cm
The springs in the mattress are conical metal spirals that are made of hardened steel, which is one of the most important properties of a mattress.
Mattresses  products are made of high quality and durable materials. This allows you to retain its qualities for a long time and are characterized by extreme resistance. They are designed to enhance the feeling of comfort during sleep and become a dream vacation spot.

Friday, 16 December 2016
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